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WARNING: This ad has expired and is no longer valid as of March 30, 2019


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) desires to lease a minimum of 10,000 net usable (13,500 rentable) square feet of space in the following delineated area. North: Chamblee Tucker Rd South: North Decatur Rd East: Interstate highway 285 West: Interstate Highway 85 Offerors must provide evidence that properties are outside the 100-year flood plain. The space can be provided by new construction or modification of existing space. The VA seeks a full-service lease (all utility, janitorial services, taxes, cable or Satellite tv and maintenance costs are to be included in the rental rate). On-site parking for a minimum of 99 vehicles is required, 4 of which are to be handicapped accessible in accordance with the VA's Barrier Free Design Guide (PG-18-13). Occupancy is required by March 5, 2020. This Clinical space must meet the following requirements: a. Zoned for medical clinic use. b. Contiguous on no more than two floors. c. Full service hospital emergency response facilities must be available within 5 miles of the outpatient clinic site. d. Main ingress/egress for on-side pedestrian and vehicular circulation shall be easily accessible from major public thoroughfares. e. Provide prominent visibility of the facility from major public thoroughfares. f. Regularly scheduled public transportation shall be available within 1/4 mile (1,320 feet) of the clinic site. VA staff will conduct a market survey on suitable properties being offered for lease. (Note: The VA will pay no more than the appraised fair market rental value for space. Usable square footage does not include areas such as stairs, elevators, mechanical and utility rooms, ducts, shafts, vestibules, public corridors, and public toilets required by local code). Please provide the following in your prospectus package: 1) Site location (physical location of property); 2). Property description; 3) Total square footage (net usable and gross); 4) Site condition; 5) Floor plans; 6) Pictures. Interested Offerors (owner, broker or their legal reps) should submit specific information to Darlene Chase, at address shown below, by 12 noon EST., March 28, 2019 to be considered. Darlene Chase Contracting Officer Department of Veterans Affairs VISN 7 Network Contracting Office 2008 Weems Road Tucker, GA 30084 404-321-6111 X202428 Email:
404-321-6111 X202428
March 17, 2019
March 30, 2019
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