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Warehouse Lien Auction to Be May 20, 2020

Warehouse lien auction to be May 20, 2020 at 12pm. Location: 4361 International Parkway, Hapeville, Ga. 30354. The items include Never Lose Hope Designs exhibition paraphernalia, walls, table and rug. Garb2art, skids and plastic tubs shrink wrapped on pallet. 3 Sisters exhibition paraphernalia and skids. Edison Wood exhibition paraphernalia. SML Home Essentials, pedestals and tradeshow material. S.I. Trading Group Limited, solid wood furnishings and fragile blown glass and pewter accessories. Samoe, wall and boxes. Simple Living, wooden furniture, pictures and wooden stool. Classy Delites, Inc., dressers and tables. Calamity Jane's Apparel, crate with Bull logo. Wild Hibiscus, table and exhibition materials. String Theory Jewelry, two guitar cases, two congo drums, two mic stands and booth setup. 5/6/20, 5/13/20
May 6, 2020
June 4, 2020
May 28, 2020 6:10pm