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United States Bankruptcy Court for the District

UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF DELAWARE In re: Chapter 7 NATIONAL SERVICE INDUSTRIES, INC., Case No. 12-12057 (MFW) Debtor. NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS WHO HOLD CLAIMS AGAINST NORTH BROTHERS AND/OR NATIONAL SERVICE INDUSTRIES, INC. ARISING FROM EXPOSURE TO ASBESTOS CONTAINED IN PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTED BY NORTH BROTHERS, INC. North Brothers, Inc. was a regional distributor of products containing asbestos, primarily in the southeastern United States. North Brothers was owned by National Service Industries, Inc. ("NSI") at the time that it filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy petition on July 12, 2012. The deadline to file claims in the NSI bankruptcy case has expired. If you have a claim against North Brothers and did not file a claim in the NSI bankruptcy case, you still may be able to file a claim and share in a distribution from the debtor's estate. If you think you have an asbestos personal injury claim against North Brothers and if you or your attorney did not file a claim in the NSI bankruptcy case, please visit for instructions to submit your claim. THE DEADLINE TO FILE CLAIMS PURSUANT TO THIS NOTICE IS APRIL 13, 2021. If you previously filed a proof of claim in the NSI bankruptcy case, you must provide additional document for your claim to be found to be valid. Please visit for details and instructions. THE DEADLINE TO FILE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS IS APRIL 13 2021. FAILURE TO FILE A PROOF OF CLAIM AND SUBMIT THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS WILL RESULT IN A DETERMINATION THAT YOUR CLAIM IS DISALLOWED AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A DISTRIBUTION FROM THE NSI BANKRUPTCY ESTATE. Charles M. Forman, Chapter 7 Trustee for National Service Industries, Inc. 1/6/21
January 6, 2021
February 4, 2021
January 16, 2021 8:10pm