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Legal Notice! Name Declaration, Correction Proclamation and Publication

LEGAL NOTICE! NAME DECLARATION, CORRECTION PROCLAMATION AND PUBLICATION I, Muhaymin Mustafa Bey, being duly Affirmed, standing squarely, Declare, and Proclaim, upon Divine Law; Nature's Law; Universal Law, Moorish Birthrights; International Law; and Constitutional Law; Declare and say: I, being previously Identified by the Union States Society of North America U.S.A. under the colorable, Ward-ship name, Treale Dashawn Byrd, do hereby refute the Fraud; make Public and Publish my Corrected National Name; Declare and Affirm my true, 'Proper Person Status'; and reclaim my Rightful Social and Cultural Life of the State; in accord with my Moorish Nation of Northwest Amexem / North America acknowledging my Birthrights. Having Lawfully and Legally Obtained and Proclaimed my Moorish Nationality and Birthright 'Name and Title'; in harmony with, in association with, and in Accord with Divine Law, the Customs; and the Laws, Rules, and Usages of The Moorish Divine and National Movement; being Aboriginal and Indigenous, and bound to the North American Continent by Heritage, by Primogeniture; by Birthright; by Natural Birth; by Freehold; and by Inheritance. Declared for the Public Record, I am returning the European cognomen and fictitious misnomer back to the Colonial possessors of its pedigree. I am now Rightfully Declaring, Publishing, and Proclaiming my own Free National Name; Affirming my Actual, Rightful, and Civil 'In Full Life' Status; Conjoined to my Moorish American Consanguine Pedigree and National Honor. Let it be Declared, Known, Published, and Resolved that: I Am: Muhaymin Mustafa Bey, 'In Propria Persona Sui Juris' (being in my own proper person), by birthright; an Inheritance WITHOUT THE FOREIGN, IMPOSED COLOR-OF-LAW, OR ASSUMED DUE PROCESS of the Union States Society; pursuant to, but not limited to: 1. FREE MOORISH-AMERICAN ZODIAC CONSTITUTION: (Zodiac Constitution and Birthrights of the Moorish Americans) being Ali, Bey, El, Dey and Al), Article two (2), Paragraph two (2). 2. UNITED STATES REPUBLIC: DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE: Moorish American Credentials: AA 222141- TRUTH A-1 3. UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT: SUPREME LAW - Acts of State 4. UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION: Article III (3), Section two (2), Amendment V (5) (Liberty clause) and Amendment IX (9) (Reservation of the Rights of the People). 5. RESOLUTION NUMBER SEVENTY-FIVE (75): Dated April 17, 1933 A.D. (MOORISH-AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PHILADELPHIA AND THE USE OF THEIR NAMES), 6. UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS [Article Fifteen (15)]. 7. RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES UNITED NATIONS: GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Part 1, Article 4. 10/17/19, 10/24/19, 10/31/19, 11/7/19
October 17, 2019
November 15, 2019
November 15, 2019 8:10pm