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PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE A VARIANCE This notice is issued to inform the public that the Georgia Environmental Protection Division ("EPD") intends to issue a variance, pursuant to its authority under the Georgia Hazardous Waste Management Act, O.C.G.A. 12-8-60, et seq. ("HWMA") and the Georgia Rules for Hazardous Waste Management, Ga. Comp. R. and Regs. 391-3-11.-01 through 391-3-11-.19, to Ascend Elements, Inc. located in Covington, Georgia. Based on the information submitted, EPD believes the proposed variance complies with the HWMA and related rules. The facility is proposing to receive, store, and process end-of-life, off-specification, and recalled lithium-ion batteries to reclaim the valuable metals contained in them. The reclaimed metals will be sold to lithium-ion battery manufacturers for production of new batteries. This variance will enable the facility to operate as a "verified reclamation facility," as defined in applicable law, without a RCRA Part B permit. The conditions associated with the variance will ensure that those materials are safely stored, handled, and legitimately recycled. The application for this variance is available for public review online at and at the following EPD office: Georgia Environmental Protection Division Land Protection Branch Hazardous Waste Management Program 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive SE East Tower, Suite 1058 Atlanta, Georgia 30334 Phone: 404-657-8600 The contact person for questions regarding this variance or the public participation process is Holly Nelson, Program Manager, 470-604-9530. Before EPD makes its final decision whether to grant or deny the variance request, comments on the proposed variance are welcome. Comments must be received by December 3, 2022. EPD invites comments during the public comment period to be made by email at If you choose to email your comments, please be sure to include the words "Ascend Elements" in the subject line to help ensure your comments will be forwarded to the correct staff. Written comments submitted by regular mail should be sent to the address listed above. All comments received on or before December 3, 2022, will be considered when the final decision to issue or deny the variance is made. 11-3-22
November 3, 2022
December 2, 2022
December 2, 2022 8:10pm